Commission & Board Vacancies Information

The City is seeking applicants to a vacancy on the following Commission:

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an advisory body to the City Council.  The Planning Commission is made up of five members of the community who serve four-year terms.  The duties and powers of the Planning Commission are spelled out in Chapter 2.12 of the Dublin Municipal Code and include the power to perform duties in reference to Planning, Zoning, and land use, and to make recommendations, for City Council approval, of the following: 

  • A comprehensive, long-term General Plan for the physical development of the City and land within the City's sphere of influence
  • Development plans which are consistent with the General Plan
  • Regulations, programs, and ordinances as required for the systematic implementation of the General Plan 

Rules for conducting Planning Commission Meetings have been established to provide a framework for running Planning Commission meetings, maintaining decorum, and ensuring opportunities for members of the public to address the Planning Commission. These rules have been adopted in accordance with the Dublin Municipal Code (Chapter 2.12.040.C).

The City of Dublin is seeking to fill one unscheduled vacancy with the term ending in December 2020 on the Planning Commission. You may submit an application online or download and print a blank application.

The Mayor recommends all appointments, subject to confirmation by the City Council.  The appointee will serve through December 2020.     The application deadline is at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 18.