Development Activity

The Planning Division coordinates the City’s review of residential, commercial, office, and industrial development projects. This includes working with property owners, developers, business owners, and residents to ensure that their development proposals conform to City policies and guidelines. 
The following are links to information about development projects.

Interactive Development MapClick on our new interactive development map (to the right) for more information about proposals and projects, including the IKEA Retail Center.  The map is "under construction" with more projects to be added.

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Residential Development Activity

UNITS ISSUED BY PLAN AREA December 2016 2016 Year to Date Estimated Units Remaining
Eastern Dublin Specific Plan 19 540 3499
Dublin Crossing Specific Plan 9 17 1978
Downtown Dublin Specific Plan 0 0 1812
Other Areas 0 45 18
TOTAL 28 602 7307*
*On June 7, 2016 the City Council increased the number of vested units in Schaefer Ranch by 12 units. The  number of units remaining is an estimate based on projects that are under construction, projects that are approved but not yet constructed, and units planned for within the various specific plan areas.

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For more information, please contact the City of Dublin Community Development Department at (925) 833-6610.