Marketing and Branding Campaign

Dublin: The New American Backyard

In 2014, the Dublin City Council identified a need to develop a comprehensive marketing and branding plan for the community of Dublin.  More than a slogan or a logo, a "brand" focuses on sending out a cohesive message and consistent feel that expresses the unique identity of Dublin, both to members of the Dublin community and to people located outside of the City's borders. 

City staff put together a creative team, featuring members of the community, and worked with a marketing team (North Star Destination Strategies) to identify the key qualities that residents and visitors feel about Dublin.  After much research, the team selected the “New American Backyard” as our brand, based on the friendly, down-to-earth nature of Dublin. The concept drew inspiration from the welcoming nature of a backyard with the supportive energy of great neighbors, making it comfortable to do business, stay healthy, relax with friends, and raise families.  The brand highlights some of Dublin’s key qualities – a very diverse, thriving population; its close proximity to major urban centers; and a robust network of recreational opportunities and parks.  Dublin’s parks and public spaces serve as an engaging, gathering place for residents and visitors who value community and connections, where you can experience a great quality of life.

For more information, please contact Lori Taylor, Economic Development Director, at 925-833-6650, or via email.
Dublin Logo With Strapline GREEN