FPPC Forms

Campaign statements contain financial information provided by candidates and committees. They can answer questions about who is contributing money, who is receiving money, and how it is being spent. Use this Campaign Statement page to research campaign contributions and expenditures, review campaign statements filed by candidates and committees, or examine a committee's filing history by election.

Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement). The Form 501 must be filed only if the candidate plans to raise or spend any money, including the candidate’s personal funds.

Form 470 (Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form). The Form 470 may be filed by a candidate or officeholder who does not anticipate raising or spending $1,000 or more in a calendar year.

Form 460 (Recipient Committee Campaign Statement). The Form 460 contains an overview of the committee’s activity during a specified period. It is used to file semi-annual and pre-election statements.
Names Office Held/Sought
David Haubert*
David Haubert
City Councilmember
Don Biddle City Councilmember    
Arun Goel* City Councilmember    
Abe Gupta*
City Councilmember
Melissa Hernandez* City Councilmember    
The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Form 806, the Report of Public Official Appointments, is now available to view online.

The FPPC website has useful information for candidates, elected officials, treasurers and the public.