Through its many programs and events, the City strives to inform, educate, and engage the community. Dublin Police Services invites you to become part of important programs like Neighborhood Watch, learn about City functions by participating in Inside Dublin, and engage in public safety classes.

Community Engagement Programs
  • Inside Dublin informs those who work or live in Dublin about the issues facing the community and encourages community involvement at all levels. Classes begin in September and last 7 weeks.
  • Coffee with the Chief gives residents an opportunity to meet and converse with the Chief of Police. Coffee with the Chief is held multiple times a year at various locations.
  • Neighborhood Watch is a program that teaches neighborhoods how to unite and build a safer community and to improve their quality of life by identifying and reporting suspicious activity. Meetings and events are conducted throughout the year.
  • Business Watch takes the Neighborhood Watch program concept to commercial neighborhoods and builds partnerships between businesses, law enforcement, and other organizations that represent business interests. Meetings are conducted throughout the year.
Public Safety Classes